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Hi, and welcome to Gambrinus Castle.

This site is a bit of fun for me and features some of the information I have collected over the years as a beer nut. As with most websites, it is a work in progress, and like painting a major bridge it will probably never be finished - contributions from other beer fanatics will be gratefully included! I'd also like to thank those kind people that have contributed or allowed me to borrow from their own sites.

I have been brewing beer for about ten years or so, but a couple of years ago I got drawn in to the mysterious and slightly loony world of the 'all-grain' brewer. Being the kind of chap that I am, I quickly realised that there was a world of fantastic gadgets to be built for an all-grain brewery, and I set off in earnest to build myself a HERMS system. Details of this and other systems in the 'brewing' section.

As well as the brewing gadgets, there is the bar. There's no point brewing great beer unless you have an impressive place to lord it over your mates. Check out the 'serving' section for some bar inspiration and technical information.

The other sections include some of my research into the fact, myth and legend of brewing history, as well as providing some information on some of the styles that have evolved - and the brands that have made them famous.

Legend True or not, these are the characters on which beer myth is based
History The truth (I hope) about the development of beer and brewing
Styles A fairly comprehensive index of the beer styles that have come (and gone) over the years
Famous Brews Love them or hate them, these are the brews that have shaped the world of beer
Brewing The art, science, and most importantly gadgetry, of the beermaking process
The Bar How to serve your beer in style