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This site is dedicated to a hobby turned business of mine...breeding gamecocks.  I started out with 4 stags, Dark Leiper Hatch,and have grown to approximatly 150 birds...
The name of this business has recently changed, due to a newly formed partnership.  We are now "
J" (Kenny Joines), "C" (Martin Comacho), "A" (Nick Arias), "T" (Raul Trevino), JCAT Gamebird Breeders.  This partnership combines almost 30 years of experience with expert training and proven breeding and brooding program for a winning combination.  Each of the partners brings his own area of expertise into the picture at the appropriate time in our birds life to achieve the maximum performance level in the pit.
We are currently nearing the breeding season and are breeding pure Albany hatch, pure Dark Leiper Hatch, and Grey battle cross(with Greys, Leipers and Clarets), as well as pure Mexican greys.
I gave my wife a digital camera for X-mas last year and she created all the graphics on this site from pictures that we have taken from our yard.  In other words, if you see a bird or graphic on this site, it's an actual bird that we own and have raised.