Text Files

(Forgive the lack of articulation used in the documents in this section.)

 Here are random text files of stuff I get bored and do. Some might be MSTs, some might be really, REALLY stupid stories I wrote (That may be good for MSTing), Some are witty, and some are serious, but all are rather short; so you will still have time to enjoy the good things in life after reading them! If you have a question about why I waste my time with this, send it here. I'd love to hear from you.

Title Type/Suggestive stuff/Other
E-mail--It's called "Bored" Parody/Swearing/E-mail
This is just...werid. I got horrifiicly bored one day, and typed up an e-mail with a list of Gundam Wing characters and their thoughts on each other. Pretty much speaks for itself.
Technilogical Desires-MiST MiSTing/Lesbian hentai/Original story by Drunk Clash Man
It was nice of DCM to let me MiST his fic. Originally produced for my own etchi site. This story was trippy like most etchi fics are. Pretty short and sweet, no real intro to it on my belhalf. (Gives me an idea to ask some authors on the etchi site if I can MiST their work!)
Alpha's Secret-The MSTing (Intro&Ch.1) MiSTing/Swearing, some vulgarity, &violence/Original fic by Omega(Suenpuffy)
An unfinished MiSTing of a crazy story. A crossover story in itself with Duo, Heero, X, and Zero. I read all 15 chapters, the intro had to be one of the most MiSTables parts, not to mention the drama scenes. Later, I'll add more to this story.
Spinderella Parody/Crazy in every aspect/--
A story that was going to be an illustrated fanfic. My second Rockman X fan fiction. X wants Zero to tell him a bedtime story, and, not being very familiar with fairy tales, Zero tells his version of a particular fairy tale he vaugley remembers. Trippyness abound!
Alice 1 Short Story/Obsessed folk&Shonen ai/First published fic online.
My First Rockman X based fic. Very werid one about Vile's obsession with X. About as good as a root canal,but still worth a glare at. Thanks to Neon Tiger for riling me up to writing this.


All work is copywrighted by iGoGo(NM) unless noted otherwise. Original versions of MiSTed stories belong respectfully to their orignal authors