Georges Page (water)
Hey you found me. Thanks for the visit. I have another page for hiking/camping (see links).
  I am an avid outdoors person. From hiking and camping to whitewater to fishing and hunting.
I am also active in many eco/outdoors groups and clubs and share many of the ecological concerns that they have. So if you are sitting around on your ass, (you might be on the wrong site if you are) dont bitch about the polution in our rivers/lakes and clear cutting forests. Do something, just do it. Thanks for letting me rant a bit.
I love to canoe/camp and whitewater kayak/raft. My favorites for canoe/camp are Sipsey (long) and the upper and lower stretches of the Locus Fork (short). For whitewater I love the Locus Fork (local) and any other river I can get to.
I am also a hiker/backpacker (see other page).
Hope to see you on the river or in the woods.
Do it outside.
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Locus Fork of the Warrior River
My Favorite Links:
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