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photo courtesy of PJ's mom and her new camera program
We've created this site for anyone who has sat across the table from a doctor, therapist, psycologist or other professional capable of evaluating the mysterious behaviour of our children and have been leveled with the news that their child has autism. No matter what the severity of the diagnosis, we have all responded with some level of shock and confusion, wondering what has just happened. It seems as if our world has changed as suddenly as our child's behaviour and we are alone in a strange universe. It has been referred to as the "Wrong Planet Syndrom".  Many of us now know it as the "Spectrum".
     We also know that "WE ARE NOT ALONE"!
     We are part of a large community and we want to share our space with anyone who has input that is informative, interesting or inspiring. It's a place where stories and ideas can be exchanged, where those with long term experience can offer their wisdom to newcomers and where newcomers can come for support, comfort, and help with the issues of everyday living and the way autism makes  it different and challenging.
   There are so many questions about how to deal with those aspects of life that, for us would be simple, but are made complicated for the special needs person. The good news is, the more we look, the more people we find out there who have knowledge and experience to share.     I feel we can agree that living with autism is a constant learning experience and the more we can learn, the better the quality of life will be for all concerned.
    We invite you to sign our guestbook and tell us about your experiences and thoughts. You can also go to our webrings page and browse other Autism sites. We're all about sharing!
    We've only been doing this computer thing for a short time so we invite any constructive criticism. Ok, so I may have overdone the 'planet' thing a little but you have to understand this is Jerry Ross country. He's not only a 'hometown' boy and former classmate but a fine example of how far a person can go given the opportunity. Certainly not all of us can be astronauts but we all deserve the chance to go as far as in life as we are able. It is what we all want for our own children no matter what their ability.
                                                                               P.J.s Grandma

The "Jerry Ross Files"
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The Astronimy Picture of the Day site offers a new view
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My grandmother used to plant tomato seedlings in tin cans
from tomato sauce & puree & crushed tomatoes she got
from the Italian restaurant by her house, but she always
soaked the labels off first.
"Don't want them too  be anxious about the future",
she said. "It's not healthy!"