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PJ (right) started out as all little boys,               sharing playtime with his older brother              and having the usual curiosities.
Before long he seemed lost in a world                of his own.
Shortly after starting at the Special-Ed Co-op, he was involved in group activities like the school play "The Sky Is Falling" and went on field trips which included a visit to the nearby shopping mall to see 'Santa'
When he's done his day's lessons,
PJ is treated to time at the 'Rice Box'. It proves to be a great reward as well as
a calming break.
After two years at the Special-ed Co-op, PJ goes to a special class at the local grade school where he continues with ABA, sign language, and (as of the 2001 school year) an electronic speach board.
At home, some of PJ's favorite ways to relax include listening to music (mostly classical), playing in the pool or sandbox, jumping on the trampoline or just quietly swinging.
Some of the best times are at home with his family, whether it's playing with his brothers or getting a big hug from his Mom!