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Welcome to the Garden Guild. I am Biffy, your guildmaster. We are the nature lovers of Ailurophilia. We love flowers, we love to garden and we love to watch our handiwork spring forth from the soil to bring us beauty. This guild will be devoted to flowers of every variety. We love getting our paws dirty in the rich soil, planting the seeds that will eventually reach out to seek the warm rays of the sun or the thirst-quenching droplets of rain.

To join the Garden Guild, fill out the form at The Ailurophilia Castle.

We will have many activities as time goes by and points will be awarded for all activities. We will learn many new things about flowers and gardening. Take a Membership Badge from Banners by Members to place on your Ailurophilia Page or you homepage to show your membership in the Garden Guild.



REMEMBERING RAINBOW FRIENDS...A page lovingly dedicated to our friends who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge.
THANKSGIVING DECORATIONS ...Send in your ideas for decorating the Thankgsgiving Table. 50-100 points

OCTOBER ESSAY OR LECTURE...Tell us about preparing a garden for winter. Include pruning techniques, mulching, etc. 50-200 points.
CHRISTMAS CONTEST...Send me your designs for Floral Christmas decorations. The winning entries will be emailed to Queen Cagney for use in the Ailurophilian Christmas Party. Winners will also receive awards to go on their pages and from 50-100 points.
Shakespeare's Sonnets and the Rose...September 21, 2000...
by the Whitaker Family
Butterfly & Bird Gardening...September 11, 2000...New Page
Caladiums...August 19, 2000...By Midnight
ESSAY OR LECTURE...Teach us about gardening to attract birds and butterflies. 100-200 points

This suggestion was made by Cinnamon, Gus, Bo, Cid and Myst. They earned extra service points for it.

Hydrangea...August 2, 2000...New Topic. Send in your pictures and information on Hydrangea.


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