Seatbelts Save Lives
Rachel and Gregg the day before she graduated
from Army Boot Camp August 31, 2006    age 18
Twenty Years Together!
October 3, 1987
Robyn and Gregg
with girlfriend, Jenny - October 2007
Our Christmas 2000 webpage!
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Christmas 2007
Jeff graduated
Marine Corps Boot Camp

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Rachel and John are getting married!
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Soccer in the Spring!
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Cheer and Stunt
in the Winter...
Wedding Bells will be ringing on
Saturday, August 30, 2008!!
Haley's Acting Debut as **SMUDGE the Pirate**
in Jolly Roger and the Pirate Queen
February 9, 2008  (also Haley's 14th Birthday!!)
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1999 @
my brother's
When I first made this page, I had titled it, *Never A Dull Moment at My House*.  That was back in 1999; we looked like the picture on the left.  Rachel was 11 years old, Jeff was 10; Sarah was 7; and Haley was 5 ... and there WAS *Never A Dull Moment*!  Now, we look like the picture on the right; all growed up and moving out. It's getting Dull around here with only two of them!
Never A Dull Moment @ My House