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The Old Philadelphia
Fire Department Headquarters

1328 Race Street (between Juniper & Broad Sts.)
Philadelphia, PA

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Type of Structure: Brick firehouse built with Gothic-Revival facade.

Year(s) of Construction: Previous to 1926.

Builder: Unknown

Gargoyle carver(s): Unknown

Location: 1328 Race St. (between 13th and Juniper Sts. - one block east of Broad St.

Website: Please visit Philadelphia Fire Department. Also visit The Fire Museum of Philadelphia.

Interesting Features: The facade of this building has gothic arches and six carvings of firefighters representing the first fire companies established here in 1926 and 1927.

Personal Observations: From 1926-1976 this building served as a fire station and headquarters of the Philadelphia Fire Department. The station housed Engine Co. #17, Truck Co. #23, Pipeline #5 and Rescue #1. These companies utilized horse drawn apparatus until the end of the 1920s when the changeover to motorized apparatus was complete. In 1976 the Fire Department moved its headquarters to Spring Garden St. and this building was eventually taken over by the Philadelphia Police Department.

The information above came from an email from Henry J. Megee. Henry is Curator of the Philadelphia Fireman's Museum. The museum is located at 147 N. 2nd Street. The hours are Tuesday-Saturday- 9:00AM to 4:30PM. It is CLOSED Sunday, Monday, and Holidays.

Photos/Images: (all photos on this page can be "clicked on" to see larger versions)

Granite face of stoic fighter...
Flames regarded as enemy...
Fire rages as each member...
Holds feelings and fear in check...
Heroic men battles onwards...

Sequoyah 04/07/2001

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