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Hello Everyone, I am back after many travels and safaris. I have captured several gargoyles and brought them back for your entertainment. I am hoping that I can soon also present the work of other hunters.

If you have ended up on this page by typing "goth" or "gothic" and you aren't interested in gothic architecture then you may want to leave. Let me tell you this... If you stay you may not be disappointed. I will present to you some of the darker and unappreciated sculptures and stone carvings to be found in the Philadelphia Area.

I present to you my appreciation for those dark creatures that silently loom above us watching and waiting. Guarding various building in most of our cities. Even if you are sure that you have never seen one you may want to keep looking up. They have been there for a hundred years. Looking down and watching. Unnoticed until now.

Many people have asked me to remove the midi music from these pages. And that is what I have done. At least for now.

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