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St. John Chrysostom Albanian Orthodox Church
237 N. 17th St., Philadelphia, PA

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Type of Structure: Late Gothic-Revival church

Year(s) of Construction: 1931

Builder: Unknown

Gargoyle carver(s): Unknown

Location: Franklin Plaza - a block away from Vine Street.

Website: The Orthodox Church in America has a directory website featuring this church.

Interesting Features: A rather large full body carving of an Angel. There are a couple of cherubs carved on the upper corners. They are strange to look at because of the positioning of their legs. An Angel face or two can also be found on this church.

Personal Observations: This tiny little church is an good example of "late gothic-revival architecture". It was built in almost the shadow of St. Peter and Paul's Cathedral a few block away. Today it is dwarfed by its two huge neighbors: the SmithKline Beechem Corp building and the Wyndham Franklin Plaza Hotel.

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