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First Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia
201 S. 21st St., Philadelphia, PA

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Type of Structure: Gothic-Revival Church

Year(s) of Construction: Main church was built between 1868 and 1872. The belltower was added in 1900.

Builder: Henry Augustus Sims (1868-1872) & Frank Furness (1900)

Gargoyle carver(s): Same as builders?

Location: This church sits on the corner of 20th and Walnut Streets.

Website: I urge everyone to visit The First Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia Website. As part of my "Hypocritical Oath" I urge anyone who is looking to attend a church to consider First Presbyterian.

Interesting Features: There are several gargoyles and grotesques on this building. The belltower features Furness gargoyles.

Personal Observations: This is a great church. My daughter Anna and I visited the church in January of 2001 to take some photos of the interior. We were given a special tour by Randy Sarlo, the Assistant Sexton. The Sanctuary is very impressive (almost as much as the exterior). The ceilings are vaulted, however, they are very interesting. There are many Tiffany stained-glass windows here (maybe the oldest in the city). The Church's organ was recently replaced and the pipe configuration in the balcony was redesigned. This reopened an area that now exposes a stained glass window that hasn't been seen for quite some time.

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Onward Christian soldier...
Fight the war of wars...
Add me to your army...
Lets` all even the scores...

Sequoyah 04/14/2001

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