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Tabernacle United Church
3700 Chestnut Street, University City

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Type of Structure: Gothic-Revival Church.

Year(s) of Construction: All or part of this church was built in 1884 (if anyone has more accurate inforemation please let me know).

Builder: T.P. Chandler.

Gargoyle carver(s): Same as above?.

Location: Located in University City where Chestnut Street crosses 37th Street.

Website: Tabernacle United Church

Interesting Features: The four unfinished gargoyles. The very large, short belltower. Tiffany/Lafarge stained-glass windows.

Personal Observations: This is a GREAT church with lots of carvings (you have to look for them), functioning gargoyles (located at the top of the belltower), gothic arches and columns. This structure is associated with three entities: the Tabernacle United Church, the Westminster Home** and Iron Gate Theater.

Photos/Images: (all photos on this page can be "clicked on" to see larger versions)

Being a graphic artist I couldn't help messing around with the above images. Below are two manipulations. I took out the white cloudy sky and put in a blue sky. I also changed the appearance of the church to reflect the brighter sky. I don't usually do this to my photos. If and when I do this I will tell you.

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