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Though I may feature the work of our great legends from time to time, Gary's country is a site mostly dedicated to the obscure artists of yesterday. The genre of music is mostly country, folk, early rock and rockabilly. When I say country, I mean "real" country, not what's being called country by many today.

As for the great legends of traditional country music that we all love so much, their music can now be purchased on most any online music store.

Hopefully you will find an artists here that you haven't heard from in a long time, or maybe one you're hearing for the first time, and dang glad you found them!

Scroll the page to meet the artists featured here, or click on the site map.

Before you leave, please sign my guestbook. Also feel free to read the entries from the many fine folks who have paid me a visit during these past eleven years. Heck, you may see someone you know in there!

Enjoy, and thanks for being here. I'm glad you came by! And don't forget, here at Gary's Country, the latchstring's always out!

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Spotlight On
Various Artists

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Cousin Emmy

Click on Emmy's picture to take a little trip to her place where she will lay it on ya!

Gene Jack Hall

Click on Gene Jack's photo to hear some of this good ole Kentucky boy pick and sing for ya. You're gonna love him!

Little Enis

Little Enis
(Carlos Toadvine)
A tribute to Kentucky's upside down and backwards guitar player. Could Little Enis bring down the house? You betcha heart he could! Click on photo to visit his tribute page. New improved sound files!

Ralph Raulerson & The Countrymen

Cick on photo to listen to some the finest by Ralph Raulerson & The Countrymen.

Jimmie Osborne

Jimmie Osborne Tribute
In 1957, 34 year old Jimmie Osborne took his own life.
Read more about Jimmie, and hear some of his music.
Includes "The Death Of Little Kathy Fiscus"

Jimmie Logsdon

A Tribute To Jimmie Logsdon
14 Songs By Louisville Personality, Jimmie Logsdon

Asher Sizemore & Little Jimmie

During the 1930s, Asher Sizemore and Little Jimmie were dominating the air waves with their down home country music radio shows. I recently made contact with Little Jimmie, and he sent me a wonderful photo of himself, and I want to thank him from the bottom of my heart. To see the photo, and hear some clips their 1930s radio shows, click Here

Esco Hankins

Many say Esco Hankins was a Roy Acuff sound alike. Maybe, but he had his own fans, and was loved by many. Click on Esco'a photo to listen to many of his outstanding recordings. You'll be glad you did!

Lattie Moore

14 Songs By Scotsville Kentucky's Own Lattie Moore. Turn up your sound, and click on Lattie's photo to go there and listen

Jack Hall

Great music from Huntsville Alabama recording artist and song writer Jack Hall. Make sure your sound is on, and click on Jack's picture to go and listen. You'll be glad you did

Johnny Noles

Let's go back to the 1970s, with Johnny Noles & The Pretenders at The Big Still Lounge. Just click on the above picture, and back we shall go!

Wanna travel back in time with song writers and recording artists

Carl Bowyer & Sam Thompson?

Just click on either picture

Carl Bowyer      Sam Thompson

Gary Link

Let's go back to 1980 and listen to Gary Link sing Shell Factory Billboard Blues. Just click on his picture to visit his tribute page. We lost Gary in 1986, but you can still listen to him. Just click on his picture.

Tragedy Of School Bus 27

In 1958, in Prestonsburg Kentucky, a school bus loaded with children plunged into a raging river. 26 children and the driver drowned.
Read the story, and hear Ralph Bowman's chilling song about it.

Remembering Little Kathy Fiscus

No one will ever forget Little Kathy Fiscus. Click on her picture to read more, and listen to Jimmie Osborne sing the song he wrote about this 1949 tragedy

My Big Legend's List!

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