Our family resides in the countryside about 6 miles north of Bastrop, Texas.  Gary and Ginny have been married for over 10 years.  We are all of Czech descent (with a small part German) and are Roman Catholics.  The family consists of:
Gary (husband):  Gary works for the Texas Education Agency in Austin.  He has been employed in State government for over 20 years.  His hobbies include gardening, pets, poultry, cooking, sports, fishing, and sausage making.
Ginny (wife):  Ginny is an adult education teacher with Advocacy Outreach in Elgin. In past years, she has been a middle school teacher in both public and private schools.  She enjoys being involved with Small Christian Communities at our Church, and her hobbies include exercise, health, cooking, and music.
Peter (9 yr. old son):  Peter is a 3rd grade student at St. Mary's Catholic School in Austin.  He participates in organized baseball and soccer leagues, and enjoys all sports in general.  His hobbies include playing with his toys, watching cartoons, and reading.
Gillian (5 yr. old daughter):  Gillian is a PreK-4 student at St. Mary's Catholic School.  Her hobbies include laughing, talking, being mischievous, playing with dolls, and petting cats and chickens.
Liana (1 yr. old daughter):  The newest addition to our family, born May 6, 2002.  Hobbies include eating, drinking, playing, walking, smiling, talking, and being precious!
We also have 3 cats, 1 dog, 21 chickens (17 hens & 4 roosters), and 6 baby chicks.  The indoor cat is named Cissy.  The outdoor cats are Miss Kitty and Rusty.  Our dog is named Fox.  We never have named any of the hens and roosters.
Welcome to the home page of Gary, Ginny, Peter, Gillian, & Liana Marek.  This page is intended as a platform to share photos, news, announcements, etc., with our family and friends.  We hope you enjoy visiting here.
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*** Peter & Gillian are attending school at St. Mary's Cathedral School.  Liana continues to spend her days at the day care at Ginny's job; Gillian has also been attending some dance classes.  Peter will be playing Minor League LL baseball, and Gillian will be playing T-ball in the coming spring season. *** Upcoming birthdays are Ginny on March 9 and Liana on May 6. *** We are having an extremely mild winter, and we are already planning our spring garden. ***
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Family Photos
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April 1999 -- Peter, 4 years, and Gillian, 6 months.
Nov. 1999 -- Gillian (1 yr., 1-1/2 mos.), a future Longhorn!
Nov. 1999 -- Peter, 5 years.
Pet & Poultry Photos
Rest in Peace
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If someone who has worldly means sees a brother in need and refuses him compassion, how can the love of God remain in him?  Children, let us love not in word or speech but in deed and truth.
                                       1 John 3:17-18
Gillian & her cousin Frannie
Peter & his cousins Sam, Marie, & John
Grandpa Marek with Peter & Gillian
Grandma Marek reads a bedtime story to Peter & Gillian
Little Red,
Rest in Peace