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Welcome to the newest Glamour & Lingerie dedicated website on the net.

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This site is dedicated to Glamour (non-nudity) and everything associated with glamour, such as photos, models and Lingerie. Helping people to put back excitement into their relationships.

If you have any comments or articles to add to this website then please e-mail me at

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Share stories of how your relationships have been saved by giving more attention to each partners appearance, feelings and needs.

This is a NON NUDITY site.

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Relationships are important and how you treat each other in your relationship is the key to lifelong relationships. Taking care of your appearance and each others needs is one of the vital steps in maintaining a good relationship as is talking to each other about the other partner's needs. This website looks at a number of ways to improve your relationships. If you have any comments, feedback or articles to include on this site then please e-mail them to .We are waiting for your response. This site is for you! Use it and help it's development.


Looks and what you wear make a difference to how people see you and how you feel. Often just by dressing more attractively can

Ladies! Check out the glamour area and also the lingerie section! Have a look at some of the glamour ladies for ideas on dressing to please your partner. Often you will find that you will feel better in yourself as well when you do.

Men! Take a good look in the mirror and make sure you've had a clean shave and tidied up that beard. Put something smart on instead of the sportshirt for a change. Buy her a surprise gift, flowers, Chocs or her favorite perfume! Tell your partner how nice they look when they go to the trouble of dressing up for you. Go on make a difference. Work at your relationship it's worth it!!

Further items to follow as the site develops. Please revisit again soon.

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