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The Book

A Story of greed, power, love and lust set in the beautiful Gulf of Mexico during the final hey days of the oil industry.

The Story

Brockland Joshua, Brock to his friends, was a retired Infantry Lieutenant Colonel of the United States Army who, through a series of turns, became the manager of a golf and country club in Corpus Christi, Texas, on the last developed barrier reef island in the United States.

In doing his job Brock has become involved with some high powered members of his club who want him to do a little intelligence gathering for them.  It seems the OPEC countries and our nationís oil producing capabilities are on a collision course.  He does not realize that this good deed will draw him into a web of intrigue and danger that will involve organized crime on both sides of the Texas border and leave him marked as the killer of these same friends.

As Brock scrambles to prove his innocence, people begin dying around him, including his beautiful blonde lover, wife of the corrupt oil baron he has exposed.  He cannot do it alone.  So he contacts two old Army buddies and they weigh in.  As they plan to clear his name, he is confident that he can do it. While no good deed may go unpunished, Brock intends to hand out a little punishment of his own.

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