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Updated  2/06/03
To hear my Jeep with a  Borla exhaust.........
My 1998 Jeep TJ Sahara Picture Pages
4 Wheelin and other picture pages
Upgrade Picture Pages
Misc. pics of my  Jeep at the beginning stages.
Onboard air
Home made Steps/Bash Bars
Off road pics
Gas tank and differential skid plates
Pics after the lift and new BFG AT KO's  33/12.5 tires
Installing the 2 1/2 inch Rancho Rock Crawler lift kit
Under the hood pics...
Pics of the stereo-costruction and install.
Just some fooling around pics......
A how too on making some Off road handles.....
My backyard shop!!
Slip yoke eliminator conversion
My friend Alans Jeep XJ
Installing the new Borla Header!
Installing power windows and locks.
Aux. Doors off mirrors!
Listing of accessories page below with links.
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