Gary Versus Ash : A Shrine to Gary Oak
Gary Versus Ash: A Shrine to Gary Oak

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*Final Update* August 21, 2009

This site will disappear from the web on October 26, 2009 along with Geocities. However, a new site will take its place on a new host. If you look forward to the new site or updates, then I highly suggest heading over to the new address A.S.A.P. Even though the site is not up for you to see yet, I wanted to post the link as soon as I could so that people could start heading over and bookmarking the site. I will keep you updated on the site's progress over at the new location. This will be the final update on the Geocities site.

Once the new site is completed, you will see new information. I'm working on expanding things, including the Palletshipping section, so look forward to a new look and new content.

Click here to head over to the new location!

*Important Update #4 8/17/09*

Geocities will close on October 26, 2009. I am currently working on saving everything I had here to be hosted at a new location. Look for a link to the new location in the next couple of weeks. I wouldn't link so early when there would be almost nothing there, but I'd like to give anyone who wants to get to the new site a chance to find it. Once I have the site up, the splash page will contain updates on my progress of the site. Keep watching. My goal is to have the new site set up for updates by the end of the week. If not, next week. Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions, the guestbook is always open.

*Important Update #3 5/3/09*

So that new love didn't last very long. Anyway. Geocities is closing down, and I know it's been three years since I updated, but I want to get the site off of here. I'll take it over to a different host. Clean things up a bit; it should look nice. I'll be doing this soon. Give me some time to get that done. I don't know if anyone visits this site anymore, but it was my first site, and not many shrines exist to Shigeru anymore. I'd like to keep it up for sentimental purposes.

*Important Update #2 9/5/06*

For some reason, I've found a new love for Pokemon. I don't know how or why, but I have. Hmm. Who knows why, actually. I also noticed that I still get visitors. I want to revamp the site. I also want to finish that fanfiction. I really just have to edit some. Then I have to write basically the second half. Not too bad. I want to edit all the grammar mistakes that I've noticed exist on the site. I'm going to be an English major...I better write like one, right?

So, look for some form of update in a few days. We'll see what happens. I plan on adding some new things and rewriting information. I want this site to actually be as good as it can be. It was my first site that I ever had running smoothly, and I want to keep it going strong. If you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to sign the guestbook inside.

*Important Update*

Well, I've reached that point. The point where I am no longer interested in Pokemon. It's been that way for couple years now. I just stopped watching the show. My games get some play once in a while, but I don't play like I used to play, and I have no idea what happened to my trading cards. The site has been static for a while. I'm officially making it static. I'm still leaving it up for those who would like to view it, although I don't know if anyone ever visits anymore. If you'd like to leave a comment, the guestbook is still inside if you click on the image of Shigeru.

I've got many people to thank from over the years. First of all, Cat, who might not read this anymore, but because of you I actually did something to that dead page on Expage and turned it into one of the better known Shigeru shrines on the internet, even though it was because you said a few things I didn't like on your site about mine. There's no hard feelings there anymore. After all, we both learned a thing or two from that I think. To anyone who signed the guestbook (uh, except the ones who left the really disgusting messages...yeah, those got deleted). Your comments and feedback made me very happy. Thank you to all who linked me, of course, all of those sites seem to have disappeared as well.

The fanfiction will not be completed here. If I ever finish it, it will be posted at Just look for Midie.

So long everyone, it's been a wonderful three and a half years. Please feel free to view my other web sites. After all, I haven't completely disappeared from the web. ^_~

Foxes and Dolphins - My personal site
Starlight Destiny - My Sailor Moon site
A Golf Club and a Tennis Racket - My "Drake & Josh" fansite
Silver Wing Designs - My icons site - My profile, you can access all my fanfiction there