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Welcome to my homepage.


Update Jan. 2008
Ahum Yahoo Geocities warned me that I haven't updated my wesite a long time. Good excuse to create some new pages. There's so much more to post, but so little time. I hope to update the site soon.


See also  Version history

As the name already suggests, I am living in the Netherlands and I have a great interest in gasmasks, respirators, full face masks, NBC and hazmat gear, rubber and military gear.

I do not only collect the gear but enjoy it as well wearing it.

Besides the combat and NBC gear, I love to wear rubber especially black rubber drysuits.
I am a certified scuba diver and I must say that diving in a rubber drysuit is an ultimate feeling.
Try to delay the inflation of your drysuit underwater and you can feel the suit pressing closer to the body.
However always be aware of squeeze!
I had not the opportunity yet to dive with a full face mask, but it is still on my wanted list.

After surfing around the web and enjoying the many homepages and great pics I have seen, I thought it is time to create my own homepage. So I took the camera dressed up and started to make pics. On the following pages I will give an impression of my interests. The pages are country or mask oriented.
I will try to update the site from time to time with new pics with hopefully new masks!

If you have any comment or suggestion contact me at:


   Dutch gasmasks
    Belgian gasmask
    UK S6 gasmask
    UK S10 gasmask
    US M17 gasmask
    US M40 gasmask

NBC and Hazmat
   Auer Hazmat suit
    French NBC suit ("French Zodiak")
    German ABC Schutzanzug
    German Zodiak NBC suit
    NVA Schutzanzug and PBF gasmask
    NVA Schutzanzug and M10m gasmask
    NVA Schutzanzug and SchMs gasmask
    NVA Schutzanzug and SchM41m gasmask

Drysuits, Full face masks and Diving
    Viking drysuits
   Full face masks
   Ready for diving (EXO-26)
   After another dive (AGA and Cressi)
   Rubber fun with friends
   Rubber fun with friends (2)
   Rubber fun with Rubberfrogmn
   Rubber fun with Rubberfrogmn (2)
   Rubber fun with a Dutch friend       *** new ***


(to be continued)

Version history:

Date Update description
Rubber fun in Vikings and gasmasks with a Dutch friend
18-08-2002 Rubber fun with Rubberfrogmn
12-05-2002 Rubber fun with friends from London
09-09-2001 Full face mask and diving  pages added
07-09-2001 French NBC page added
17-02-2001 Added Auer hazmat suit (2 pages)
12-02-2001 NVA pages added and unmasked
02-09-2000 German ABC suit added, Viking pages updated and extended with EXO-26 full face mask, 
updated M17/M40 pages with chemical helmet cover pics
15-08-2000 Viking page 2 added (more Viking and masks) and updated internal links
12-08-2000 Viking page added
31-07-2000 German mask + Zodiak added
27-07-2000 UK masks added
25-07-2000 Initial version

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