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Enjoy it while you can, this site (and Geocities) will be gone on 10/26/09. Be sure to thank Yahoo for eliminating their free webhosting! I'm not sure if I'll be moving everything to another host or not.

This is Gasoline Fumes. I love cars, so I created a site about the cars in my life. And what my friends and I do with them. The links on your left will take you through the rest of the site.

"Metro" is my current project car, "TanVan" was my 1984 Honda Civic Wagon, "Creamy" was my friend's 1986 Toyota Tercel Hatchback, and "Hornbeam" is my friend's 1986 Toyota Tercel Wagon SR5 4WD. "My First Car" was my 1992 Hyundai Excel Hatchback. "Cars I've Driven" is a list of all the cars I have driven, including short comments about each one. "Links" includes the huge automotive section of my bookmarks. "Info" has a graph showing the monthly traffic on Gasoline Fumes.


If you're going to be in Ithaca, NY and like good, healthy vegan/vegetarian food, check out Food for the Planet on Buffalo Street.

I spent the month of August 2004 in Finland. I was able to make it to Neste Rally Finland, round nine of the FIA WRC! Here are a few of the 700+ pictures I took. Pictures from Finland.

Visit the Gasoline Fumes message board/forum. Any comments or questions about the site, my cars, your cars, or just cars in general are welcome. It's free and somewhat painless, try it!

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