Galileo Astronomical Society of Pokhara
Galileo Astronomical Society of Pokhara
(GASPO Nepal)
Celebrating 400 Years of Invention of Telescope

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GAEXPLORING THE UNIVERSESPO has recieved a MEADE ETX 90 mm Telescope from Permission to Dream Project of Space Frontier foundation based in California. With the help of this telescope we conduct observation at schools.

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+ Venus Transit 2004

    When Venus blocked a tiny portion of the sunlight

+ Kids' stories after observing the celestial bodies

    There is no place like home...! by Ms Susmita Gurung

+ School observations

    We use MEADE ETX 90 mm telescope to conduct observations.

+ Photos showing our observation programmes

    This is how we conduct observations...


Supernova 1987A Model of asteroid 4179 Toutaits 











VENUS TRANSIT 2004 Usually two transits of Venus occur within 8 years of one another; then, after a lapse of 105 or 122 years, another two transits occur within 8 years.

Venus transit –June 2004

On 8th of June this year Planet Venus was seen, as a small dot, in front of the sun --passing through it.

The rare event was not witnessed by human eyes in 122 years. The next transit will happen 8 years later and then not until 105 years. 

Activities of GASPO

1- Organize Star Watching Activities for School Students and Community people with the help of telescope.
2- Help school students and community people to compare Eastern traditional knowledge on Astronomy (the so called Jyotish-Shastra) with Modern Scientific Astronomical knowledge, and find the truth.
3- Documentation of learning and impact of star observation activities and their wide dissemination to general public through Media.
4- Identify other star watcher Groups in Nepal, South Asia or elsewhere and develop collaborative relationships.
5- Organise workshops/ training on relevant issues as needed.
6- Establish Astronomical Resource Centre in Pokhara.

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Contact Address:
Kedar P Badu, President, GASPO
Prem Marg 8/53, Simalchaur, Kaski District, POKHARA - 8, NEPAL
Tel: 00 977 1 4 382341 (Kedar)   

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