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Last updated : 18th January 2004
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Gary Pearce
Don't Be Afraid
Set Me Free
'Dawn's breaking, the world is waking
All around - but my head's still aching
Tide's turning, stomach's churning
Deep down the fire's still burning'

Well it smells so sweet I can almost taste it
It's one of those feelings, better not waste it
Hold on - Moving too fast
Slow down - Make it last
Can't see - Struck me blind
Can't stop - Now I've made up my mind
Jack Of Hearts : Instrumentals
NoVox EP (instrumentals)
Remixed 1
Remixed 2
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11th Hour
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'We were standing round the table
The first time she walked in unstable
She was dressed to kill
No prizes for guessing who was dying'
Strawberry Shake EP Aftermath
'Well, it's one of those days again
And the whole damned world's against me
Shouldn't waste any more precious time
Drowning myself in shallow self pity'
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'If you wanna stop the Mind Games,
Then maybe we won't have to wait, no more'

'Dressed in silk and satin
I want you leather bound
Come on, roll it over
And I'll let you grease it down'
Skint Chicken
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'The sky is filled with electricity,
I know you're back around.
Because I can taste it from a mile away,
You don't have to make a sound.'

'Dust me down I'm broken, all over you
Standing around like I've got nothing to do
Well wake me up and hold me, catch my fall
I need putting back together now, 'cause I've lost it all'
The Second Coming
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Dad TV
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'The man let go with both the barrels
Sorted out his petty quarrels
No street fighter no man of steel
Just easy action, shoot to kill'

'It's your Dad -
and don't you think it's funny,
It's your Dad -
and he's doing it for money.'
It's Your Dad
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