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Welcome to my homepage! This site mostly deals with the history and current state of Clan Ghost Bear - check out the Ghost Bear info center.  You can also find general information about the Battletech universe, a gallery with Battletech related images (you can find some cool pics well worth to be a good desktop) and and some coverage about the current BT computer games..

This is the Executioner, one of the most popular assault 'mechs among Ghost Bear forces.

This Clan is named for the arctic bear that inhabits Strana Mechty's southern hemisphere. It is admired for its strength and cunning. The Bear has been quiet since the Battle of Tukayyid. There has been rumors of the Bears have been dismantling their Military bases between the Inner Sphere and the Clan Homeworlds. No one knows what the bear is doing, and if he is sleeping, they do not want to wake him.

History ,Timeline ,Ranks & insignia ,Bloodnames ,Facts , Clan Terms & society ,

A Leviathan class transporter. These were originally planned to become the largest battleships of mankind, but have been redesigned to a heavy armed transport. The Ghost Bears built two of those with help of their allies, the Snow Ravens and each carried a 'mech factory to the Inner Sphere.

Maps of the Inner Sphere and the Clan Space Guess what Mechwarrior3 & Mechcommander


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