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Store Skgagastølstind in moonlight, Norway 1997.
Photo by Gunnar Bløndal
Store Skagastølstind, Norway
Bold attemt at mt. Baldy's peek
In perfect weather and in exelent conditions on a glorious April morning we baldly headed for the snow covered and more than 10.000 feet high peek of mt. Baldy just outside Los Angeles, USA. Read more...

Mark on snowshoes.
Photo by Gunnar Bløndal

Remnator's travels in Vietnam
The weather here has been like living in a furnace room-a hot wet wind blows through most of the day. Fortunately when the wind blows it is quite nice at least in comparison to when the air is resting. Read more...

Climbing Alpa Mayo
In June 1995 I met Taylor for the first time, in the high camp on Alpa Mayo (5947 meters) in Peru. Three teams climbed the mountain that day. Our Icelandic/Norwegian team, Taylors American team and a Slovak team. Fortunatly we (Icelandic/Norwegian team) started first on the 900 meter long snow and ice climb, meaning that we dumped a lot of ice on the other teams in our efforts to climb the wall. Sorry about that guys! Read more...

Sundown on Alpa Mayo, Peru.
Photo by Gunnar Bløndal

Hi! My name is Gunnar Bløndal.
I live in Oslo in Norway and I am 35 years old. My work as a photojournalist has made me restless soul. I can never stay long in one place before I develop an itch, and have to either travel to new places or do something fun or adrenaline kicking.
Because of this I have developed deep interests in traveling, outdoor sports, mountain climbing, scuba diving, cooking, consuming rich and enjoying Whisky, Cognac, cigars - or simply enjoying the good life, with a thrill. To enjoy life fully, you have to enjoy it with other people. Preferably with good friends.

Please feel free to drop me a line at

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