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Troop 263 History

Troop 263 has been a continuously chartered unit of the Boy Scouts of America since 1938. The troop is presently in the Greater Cleveland Council's Pioneer District. Troop 263 was first chartered by the Ridge Road School PTA. From 1941 to 1943, the troop was cartered by the Troop 263 Club/Citizens Group. Since 1943, Troop 263 has been chartered by Parma-South Presbyterian Church in Parma Heights, Ohio. The people of Parma-South have shown continued commitment to the ideals and principles of Scouting, and provide a real community service in chartering the Troop and furnishing a place to meet weekly.

Troop 263 Eagle Scouts

More than 700 boys have been Scouts in Troop 263. Of those, only a few achieved Boy Scouting's highest rank - Eagle Scout. Their names, and the year they attained the rank of Eagle Scout are listed below.

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1953 Emil P. Blazak Richard M. Blazak  
1954 James Summerlin    
1955 Robert M. Blazak    
1956 James Williams    
1957 Rollie Mersfelder    
1958 Jack D. Warren    
1961 Scott August Earl R. Callison Jesse L. Elek, Jr.
  Terry Emons    
1962 James H. Balitz Kenneth R. Fritz David R. Heise
  Allan C. Redick    
1964 Duane C. Godman Daniel F. Strmiska  
1965 Kenneth L. Baiko Darrah L. Cramer Richard L. Gilcher
  James C. Kozak Mark A. Lewis Paul M. Nelson
1966 Neal E. Wengatz David A. Brunst  
1967 Theodore C. Brunst, Jr. Scott P. Lewis Michael C. Liszkay
  Warren R. Young    
1968 John B. August Chad G. Hume  
1969 John E. Brunst George P. Mackert Mark A. Reifschneider
  Matthew M. Surak David E. Walder  
1970 Jeffrey A. Hennemuth    
1971 Kurt W. Leckler    
1984 Kenneth W. Kittelberger Matthew P. Kittelberger  
1987 Sivakumar Paramanandam    
1992 Brian R. LaRue    
1994 Michael B. Papa    
1996 James Lee, Jr.    
1997 David R. Laurence Gobi Paramanandam  
2001 Nathan J. Szabo    
2002 Michael J. Dembkowski Michael D. Jasiekiewicz  
2003 Charles G. Germana Daniel P. Gutkoski Jeremy A. Szabo
2004 Andrew J. Gress    
2005 Steven M. Bacher    
2006 Cory A. Hughart Vincent J. Dorin  
2008 Garret Baer    
Troop 263 Scoutmasters

There have been multiple Scoutmasters since Troop 263 was first chartered. Their names and years of service are listed below. In addition, Troop 263 extends its thanks to the many Assistant Scoutmasters, Committee Members, and parents who have supported the troop and its scouts through the years.

1938 - 1947 Ray W. Ruch
1947 - 1951 Edward M. Morgan
1951 - 1960 Emil M. Blazak
1960 - 1963 Raymond E. August
1963 - 1966 Charles J. Kozak
1966 - 1971 Theodore C. Brunst
1971 - 1972 Joseph Goldsmith
1972 - 1974 Thomas E. McGrath
1974 - 1976 Roger A. Thompson
1976 - 1978 Don Howard
1978 - 1985 Kurt W. Leckler
1985 - 1997 Jeffrey L. Seifert
1997 - 2000 Charles F. Laurence, III
2000 - 2007 James L. Gress
2007 -      Richard J. Polak