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The group’s aim is to provide support and encouragement to people with Herpes (either genital or oral), and to provide opportunities for making new friends through organised social activities.

The role of support groups in coming to terms with having an incurable STI like Herpes is very often underestimated. Doctors can test, diagnose, provide information and prescribe medications, however, learning to accept and manage your condition often requires more support than can be provided by the medical profession.

One major hurdle in coming to terms with Herpes is dealing with the negative social stigma attached to the virus. Unfortunately many people are ignorant of the facts regarding Herpes and make the assumption that only promiscuous people and sex-workers catch STIs. This, of course, is not the case. Every sexually active person is at risk of contracting an STI.

Another aspect which causes many people a great deal of stress is resuming dating after having contracted the virus. When, where and how to tell someone your STI status can be a very real concern. Some people are so afraid of receiving a negative reaction that they refrain from dating or attending social functions.

Social / support groups can play a very important role in helping people come to terms with having the virus for life, encouraging people to get on with their lives by sharing their own experiences – from medication and alternative therapy experiences, to dating tips and ‘how to tell’ stories.

The Gold Coast H Friends group organises regular get-togethers for Herpes people and their partners. Our members range in age from 20's to over 50's with varied interests, so our activities are varied too.

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