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Lil thought guys: Please keep it clean (no insults, foul language...) and i review all the submissions before i post them so ur post wont show up until after i approve it. sorry but i dont want any negative stuff up there. but i check the posts often so ur post will prolly be up the next day so come back and check it again!
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January 8, 2003: Hey guys im fixing a few things here and there and it is still taking me forever to put up these pictures. im sorry! i am hoping to have them up by the end of next week because for now i should be studying. but im not  lol. i was thinking of putting up a fan art section cuz i thought that would be awesome. so anyoen out there who has an art they wanna share email it to me with ur first name and last initial and where u r from. once i get a few pictures ill definitly start putting them up. As usual enjoy the site everyone!!

Mad Love,

"Those people who shun us just because of what label we're on, or the fact that we've got a video out there that's getting us somewhere are only limiting themselves, because they aren't keeping an open mind. Besides no band has ever given us shit for our career path. It's mostly jaded punkers. And if that's the way they are gonna be, I'd rather have someone who doesn't know a thing about punk coming to our shows, 'cause they are the ones who like it for what it is, not what it isn't.

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Time After Time
A South Philly Girl Representin'
Check out Joel's interview in this month's Rolling Stone! Or click here for the article online :o)
Billy is in Rolling Stone's Issue for Jan23 #914 on page 72. I cant find the link yet cuz its a tiny tiny box but ill scan it someday and post it :o))