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Welcome to the Web Page of the Texas Local Council Covenant of the Goddess, the local WWW home page of the Covenant of the Goddess, an international organization of cooperating, autonomous Wiccan congregations and solo practitioners. We are just one of the Local Councils of COG in the United States. The Texas Local Council was granted provisional status during Merry Meet 1994, in Malibu, CA. Our Lady of the Trinity and Diana's Retreat were the two founding covens. The Texas Local Council is both honored and priviliged to have had four National Officers, Thorn Merrill who was National Publications Officer for two terms 1995-1997, and as National Second Officer 1997-1998. Chuck Peart, served as National Correspondence Officer for 1998-1999 and co-Second Officer for 2000-2001 term (with Bryan Lankford). Thorn and Chuck shared the responsibilities as Co-National Correspondence Officers for the year 1999-2000 and co-Publications Officers for 2001-2003 and Charles Mars was one of the National Public Information Officers for the board year 2000 - 2001.

Texas became a full fledged Council with the addition of Circle of the Unicorn at Celebration of Summer, 1995. We now have fourteen covens from the Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston and Austin areas, and numerous solitaires. We currently meet every quarter to hold our local buisness meetings and the local council has sponsored several festivals and rituals in the surrounding area and in Oklahoma City.

At Beltane 2003 our CoG members in the Austin area were officially hived from the Texas Local Council and formed their own council called the Live Oak Local Council and they can be contacted at Live Oak Local Council or visit their website at Live Oak Website. With the addition of this council and more member covens and solitaires we will be able to cover a larger area in the state of Texas and be able to provide a large networking system for interested seekers. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Texas Local Council Covenant of the Goddess then please contact our Local Council Membership Officer and you can request information or an application.
Below is a current list of the Covens that comprise the Texas Local Council:

Circle of the Moon - Bedford, TX

Circle of the Serpent - N. Fort Worth, TX

Circle of the Silver Wolves - Arlington, TX

Circle of the Unicorn - Arlington, TX

Circle of the Wild Wood - Fort Worth, TX

Coven Hephaestus - Houston, TX

Demeter's Daughter's - Euless

Diana's Moon - Fort Worth, TX

Diana's Retreat - Irving, TX

Enchanted Circle - Dallas, TX

OIC (Order of the Inner Circle) - Mesquite, TX

Sacred Moon Circle - Dallas, TX

Silver Shadows - Dallas, TX

Silver Serpent Coven - Oklahoma City, OK

Wren's Nest Coven - E. Fort Worth, TX

and various solitaires state wide.

We currently have a new Associates Particpation level with the Covenant. Please see the Associates Page for more specifics on requirements for this new program.

The Texas Local Council was one of the hosting councils for Merry Meet 1998 which was held in a hotel in Primm, Nevada. Merry Meet 2001 was held at a hotel in Dallas in August 2001 and was a great success. Merry Meet 2002 will be held in Minnesota in September 2002 and you can find out all about CoG and Merry Meet 2002 by clicking below and entering into the TXLCCoG Web Site or by clicking Content Page. Here, you'll find information about the CoG organization, as well as the religious beliefs and practices which comprise Wicca. Plus, we have much more information including spells, pictures and great links (including those of TXLCCoG members).

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