Gordies First WebPage

My Very First Web-Page!

If you're here looking for pictures of my Multiplex TwinJet, try here!

This is just a little thing I knocked off with FrontPage Express. Mainly to introduce myself to the basic concepts of web-design.... I hope to do something rather better before long. This should replace my "placeholder" website.


I've now got my A+, Network+ and I've almost finished my MCSA!


Thanks to INTERQUAD in Slough, especially to John Alexander, computer trainer extraordinare!

(Check out interquad's "Late Availability" pages for some quality training at much-reduced rates!)



Okay, back to the text about me!.....

If you're here to find out more about me because you got this link from a job application, Click HERE! for my CV!......Feel free to browse this "personal" page as well.

Below you should find some pix of.....

This is a picture of me (unless you have a text-only browser!) Well, That's me..... Goatee, Glasses.. Gormless expression. Photography by Kodak DC210 Self-Timer!

Well, This is my Girlfriend, Helen. This was taken on a Digital Camera (Kodak DC210) at Christmas common in February of 2000. This is quite a good shot of her, I think.

Well. If you can't see this, you're missing a great photo! Now, I'm dead proud of this. 17 camera, and it could be a postcard!

This whole page was done within an hour of installing Frontpage! I'm impressed. I thank "Web-page design for dummies", my mother, my dog, all my fans, the American people... I'd thank the President if only anyone knew who the hell WAS President at the moment! I've since edited the text and re-posted it. Since Frontpage express doesn't work with Windows 2000Pro i've downloaded the excellent, FREE Web-Weaver EZ, downloadable from ...



Well, That's about it. Hope you liked it. Comments to: Gordy18@hotmail.com!

All rights reserved  and all that Guff.... Erm.... yeah.... Something better coming up real soon. Right after I get Adobe Pagemill working. Not looked at it yet but if Premier, Acrobat and Photodeluxe/Photoshop/Illustrator are anything to go by it should be mindblowing!