Blue Jay Encounters
SPRING TRAINING 2001 - Dunedin, Florida

Top-bottom(left) Kalvim Escobar, Bob File, Jason Dickson

Top-bottom(right) Brad Fullmer, Brian Simmons, Pasqual Coco, Trinidad Hubbard.
On April 1st 2000, the last Spring Training game, I met a lot of Blue Jays, including Chris Woodward (above-left), Marty Cordova (above-center),  Raul Mondesi (abover-right), Clayton Andrews (left) and DeWayne Wise ( right).
Jacob Brumfield and myself
Tony Batista and myself
                                   September 15th 1999
I was at the Jays vs. Yankees series in Toronto (Sept.14-16th)
                Right - Jacob Brumfield        
                Left- Tony Batista                     

That series I also met Andy Pettitte and Orlando Hernandez, both pitchers from the New York Yankees in a restaurant downtown.
Lloyd signing my ball Shannon, Kevin and Homer '99
This is Spring Training 1999. The Jays were playing the Tigers, they lost that game, but I still met Lloyd Moseby on his first day as a Jay's coach.  In this picture Lloyd is signing my ball.
Spring Training 1999.  (from left to right) Shannon Stewart, Kevin Brown and Homer Bush.
Ed Sprague Baseball card
Ed's autograph
Spring Training 1993.
I met Ed Sprague, Roberto Alomar and Shawn Green in Dunedin, Florida.
Spring Training '93
Spring Training '93
Spring Training 1993
If anyone has met any Blue Jays, or any baseball players for that matter, send me a story or pictures of  when you met them, be sure to include your name and (if you remember the date) include that too.