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# Get Paid To Answer Questions.- Twelveaway

# MoveAbout is changing its name back to ClickDough. 

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Get paid to surf! Get paid to surf is the easiest way to earn extra bucks online. All you have to do is sign up, download a small size ad bar ( which is about 1/5 size of your windows ) and you can start earning money whenever you go online. The whole concept is very simple : You're paid to look at advertisments that are displayed on the ad bar. Most of them ( if not all ) pay for referrals' surfing time too. Read more.
Generally, you tell the company what you're interested in and they will send you emails which match your interests and for every email you read, you'll get paid. There're also companies which pay you to use their web-based email account. It requires no work at all coz all you have to do is click on the link in the paid email whenever you receive one. You'll also get paid when your referrals read their emails! Read more. Get paid to read emails!
Get paid to click and search! You get paid for clicking on their banners, visiting their sponsors' sites, using their search engines etc. Stop using non-paying search engines - you can now get paid to search! Read more.
Do you play games online? If yes, then you should check out this section. You can now earn extra dollars by playing online games, jackpots, lottery, slot machines, sweepstakes and much more! Most of the games are FUN and you can even win great prizes and lots of cash prizes just for playing games online! It's free and fun! Read more. Get paid to play games!
Get paid for referrals These companies will pay you to invite your friends, family members, collegues etc. to join their programs. You can earn quite a lot from referring others as you're paid around $ 0.50 - $10 per referral. They're easy money - all you have to do is sign up, get your referral id/referral url and give it to your friends. You'll be paid if your friends sign up for the program under your referral id. It's so easy that I find it to be the best and easiest way to earn extra bucks online. Read more.
Some companies will pay you to sign up for their programs. Most of the programs are free so you'll probably be earning quite a lot if you sign up for all the programs. They pay you money according to the services you register for and upon successful registration. It does take some time but if you're going to use the services, why not get paid for signing up for it? Read more. Get paid to sign up for FREE programs!
Get paid ot take surveys! Your opinions count! You'll be paid when you complete a survey from their site. There're also companies which pay you to write your opinions or give your comments on certain products or services. Looks like an easy way to earn money online! Read more.
Are you good at writing? You can now get paid for every article your write. Some companies will even pay you to answer questions, write articles, add sites to search engines and many more! You can earn quite a lot if you spend some time on it. Turn your knowlegde into money now! Read more. Get paid to write!
Get paid to have a start page! This is by far the most easiet way to earn money online. All you have to do is set your default url to the url that contains your id and you'll get paid everytime you launch your browser (ex. Netscape Communicator, Internet Explorer etc.). Read more.
Get paid to listen to music, get paid to shop, get paid to eat and many many more. Your earning potential is definitely unlimited. Read more. Get paid to listen, get paid to shop and many more!

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