Kneel at the feet of the ultra Goddess of The X-Files, the superfine & sultry,
Gillian Anderson!!!
I am a fan of both Gillian Anderson & The X-Files, and have dedicated this page to her.  But, this is quite unlike any of her other fan pages.  You see, I also have a fetish for women's feet, and so have dedicated this Gillian site, rather than to all things Gillian, to all things Gillian's Feet.  Foot lovers will find any and all sorts of Gillian pics here, a variety of teasing glimpes at her pretty little toes.  Shoe lovers will see quite an array also, from sexy sandals to combat boots!  Gillian fans, without a foot fetish, will not be disappointed, as there are a total of over sixty photos here, coupled with some interesting facts and little known trivia.  Enjoy the glory that are Gillian Anderson's Feet by clicking the above photograph!  And fellow foot lovers, what is the best way to get close to Gillian's feet?  From her own lips....

There is a complete guide to  epidsodes of
The X-Files where Gillian's fine feet can be seen on page 1, current to the end of season 7, newer updates are posted on page 3.  Enjoy!

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