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3rd Grade- "Desertquest"- Research the Sonoran Desert and help us build a bulletin board for Ms. Nair with our findings on the geography, plants, animals and people of this Southwestern landscape.

4th Grade- Ms. Banner's class is working on PowerPoint presentations to describe what would it be like if they lived in the Amazon Rainforest.
Each student will take on a different role, Botany, Biology, Population or Geography expert.

7th Grade- "Take a Vacation"- Ms. Dennis' class has 10 days, $1200 a person and a free car to plan a road trip, a budget must be shown in an Excel spreadsheet and an itinerary done in MicrosoftWord.
Take a Vacation

8th Grade- "You Teach the Decades" Ms. Bryan's class will take us through a multimedia tour of the 1950's, 60's, 70's and 80's that includes a written report, a PowerPoint slide show and test for their classmates.
You Teach The Decades

  • 1950's topic list
  • 1960's topic list
  • 1970's topic list
  • 1980's topic list

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