Anita "Ginger" Brodie
Hi! Glad you could join me! I have some terrific pictures on my favorite links. Friends and family of Dar's will want to check out Dylon's and Steven's photos. My friends and family will enjoy Kat's and Ben's pictures and pictures from Ben's painful summer.

I will soon be adding a link with pictures of my sister and her family, so stay tuned!

As you can tell, my children are really growing up. Kat will be sixteen in April and Ben will be 13 in January. They are awesome kids!! I am truly blessed.

I graduate from SMSU this May. Our plans are to move to the St. Louis or Dallas area so I can pursue a master's degree in market research.
Pictures! Pictures!
Kat and Ben Photos
Dylon and Steven Christmas Photos
Ben's Surgery Photos
My Info:
Name: Anita "Ginger" Brodie
Taken March 2003
I've lost weight since then!!