Here I am with my sister Keely swimming. 
What fun!  I always beat her to the steps when we race!
Move your cursor over the water and watch what happens!

Jessie, Sadie, and Grinnin Gilbert

This is Grinnin Gilbert, Jessie and Sadie.. my good pals in Arizona. 
He has a great page check it out!!! 
Grinnin Gilbert's Galloping Tails

  This is my friend Molly, she is a 
beautiful golden girl who has a 
wonderful page.   Please visit 
Molly's Winter Pool Party
This is my new friend Scott. 
Isn't he handsome?! 
I think I'm in love! 
Please visit his first class page 
Golden Retriever Elswood, Scott's 

 Raja, my new friend who is cute, 
will have a web page soon.

Keely and Mollie

Oh come on Keely lets play football..


Come on K.C. jump! Jump in! 
The water's great!

Molly's Dog Pages

This is a sweet golden who lives in japan 
and my new friend molly.  Please 
visit her site it's a great page.

This is a pic of 
my boy doggie friends 
Sampson and Junior,
they are very handsome.
Visit Michael, Garner,
Sparkle Feather & Win!
Molly's Warm and Fuzzy Award
  Our Awards

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  Check out Durius for amazing water applets
"California Dreaming"
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