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Glenn Kennedy's Genealogy Page

My name is Glenn Kennedy, I live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. My hobby is genealogy. I hope to meet others who are researching my family surnames, and friends that I meet along the way. So check my names and see if we have a family connection. My other hobby is fishing.


Ancestors of Glenn Kennedy
Surname List

?, Red, Adams, Alexander, Allen, Atterberry, Autry, Barnett, Barringer, Beasley, Beck, Bewley, Black, Bradshaw, Brandon, Breger, Brigman, Brown, Buchannan, Burnett, Cambell, Campbell, Cariker, Carriker, Chap;in, Chaplin, cheshier, Clark, Coats, Coburn, Conners, Cork, Cornelison, Cowden, Cox, Creel, Crump, Cupp, Daniel, Davis, Dearman, Dearmon, Dorsey, Downy, Eagon, Eiseman, Elkins, Fairchild, Fenix, Forrest, Francis C, Francis, French, Fugate, Fuquay, Gaines, Gardner, Gibson, Golden, Grantham, Gregg, H, Hall, Hampton, Harris Jr, Harris SR., Harris, Harris,SR., Henry Jacob, Henry, Hicks, Higgins, Holaway, Holdaway, Holdway, Hollaway, Holman, Holmes, Homes, Hooper, Jackson, Jacobs, Jenkins, Johnson, Jones, jordan ?, Jordan, Karcher, Kennedy, Kesterson, King, Kirkham, kirkham, Kirkham, Kitrell, Lawhorn, lawhorn, Lawhorn, Lawrencd, Lawrence, Laws, Lee, Leeper, Lindey, Lindsey, Locke, Logan, Lynch, Maloy, Manners, Martin, Mason, Masterson, Mathews, Mc Farland, McCain, Mceven, Mckeown, Mcmillian, Middleton, Miller, Moore, Morris, Newsom, Owens, Parker, Parks, Parrish, Patton, Pearce, Phiipps, Phipps, Pickens, Pierce, Price, Red, Reed, Richey, Robinson, Roe, Rogers, Rowland, Samuel, Sawyer, Scoggins, Shaw, Sherill, Sherrill, Sherwood, Shofnor, Sorrell, Spears, Spivey, Stafford, Statum, Steven, Stokes, Summers, Swafford, Swearengin, Teer, teer, Teer, Thomas, Thompsom, Thompson, Tilley, Tilly, Tollett, Turner, Undewood, UNKNOWN, Vaughan, Walden, Walker, Wallace, Webb, Whitten, Williams, Wilson, Wood, Wright, Young

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Ancestors of Glenn KENNEDY


Second - Third - Fourth - Fifth - Sixth - Seventh - Eighth


Ahnentafel Chart 1-9


Other Surnames In My Research

Burnett, Karcher , Francis, Lee , Gaines, Statum . Allen, Meriwether, Lewis, Warner

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Other Researchers of Atoka County, Oklahoma
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