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Alpha Alter Egos

All characters have been put through rigorous testing. Hundreds of people have been delighted by the antics of these fine fellows.  Click on each character's link for larger pix and a brief description of his quirks.

Captain EelCaptain Anton Eel
Sir ReggieSir Reginald Tickleton III 1/2
Charlie Chaplin_thumbCharlieChaplin
Mad HatterThe Mad Hatter
Pfeffernüsse the ElfPfeffernüsse the Elf
Scarecrow from OzScarecrow from Oz
Wilbur WhippersnapperWilbur Whippersnapper
Pierre ala ModePierre à la Mode
Twigby the Autumnal Elf Twigby the Autumnal Elf

Available for Birthday / Holiday Parties!


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