New in 2000:

The Disappearing Town The Disappearing Town by John Drury

From Venice to the Eastern Shore of Maryland, from one disappearing town in the marshes to another, John Drury, in his first full-length book of poems, navigates through the twisty channels of memory and perception, loss and desire, where what's real and what's a wavering reflection attract and perplex the bedazzled explorer.


Wind Somewhere, and Shade Wind Somewhere, and Shade by Kate Knapp Johnson

This is a book laden with the details­"the radiant details"­of being caught here, in this time on this earth. The poems move in tone and form from the epigrammatic to the ironic and back to the pure lyric. Still, they are one book and tell one story of the self that was lost in childhood being sought out. In her third book of poems Kate Johnson once again demonstrates her control, her commitment to clarity, and her large capacity for truth-telling.

The Printer's Error by Aaron Fogel

Both funny and serious, this second poetry collection by Aaron Fogel matches stories with joltingly non-narrative poems. It mixes traditional forms like the villanelle with counter-forms like double alliteration, nine-syllable lines, words with all the vowel-letters crushed into them ("unsynchromadice")... Fogel's poems amount to what used to be called pasquinade or menippean satire, a lower-middle class art that refuses to buy into the easy caricatures of that class.
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