Global Beaus Stamps and Collectibles: Stamp Information

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Mint Never Hinged (MNH) A MNH stamp has full original gum/glue and has no hinge mark or other disturbance.
Lightly Hinged (LH) A LH stamp has a faint impression of a removed hinge over a small area.
Hinge Remnant (HR) An HR stamp has part of the hinge remaining on the back of the stamp.
No Gum (NG) Not all stamps were issued with gum or glue. A NG stamp may have had the gum removed or was issued without gum.
Se-tenants are connected stamps that collectively feature a picture.
A plate block (PB) is an attached group of stamps from the same sheet that has the printing press block number printed on the margin adjacent to a group of four or more stamps. For most stamps a plate block is a set of 4 stamps in the corner with a number in the margin or selvage. Sometimes a plate block comes from several plates and has a series of numbers in the margin and such a plate block may include 10, 12 or 20 stamps. In the listings, "PB-10" means this plate block consists of 10 stamps.