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 Jiu-Jitsu Brasileiro in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro

By Roberto Pedreira  

A Special Feature Presented by The Global Training Report

Then Came Rorion  How Rorion Gracie revolutionized martial arts training in America and reinvented himself as the Bill Gates of the grappling world in the process

Master Jiu-Jitsu The Theory and Practice of Jiu-jitsu Brasileiro according to Sergio Malibu

Gracie Humaita Training with Robin, Rolker, and Royler in Botafogo

Alliance Training with Romero Jacare, Rodrigo Comprido, and Magrão Gurgel in Ipanema

Dojo Jiu-Jitsu Training with Aloisio, Leka, and Cafe in Copacabana; Conversations with Ricco Rodriquez, Sergio Penha, and Reyson Gracie

Corpo Quatro Training with Sylvio Behring and Alvaro Barreto in Copacabana; the real history and true philosophy of Jiu-jitsu Brasileiro

Mehdi An Irreverent, Iconoclastic, Revisionist account of the Gracie Story

Zoca Life and Jiu-jitsu in the Two Brazils

Jiu-Jitsu Sketches

Carlson Gracie Academy

Murilo Bustamante

Alexandre Paiva

Cleiber Maia

Ricardo DelaRiva

Sergio Bolão

Ricardo Juca

Equipe Fabricio de Jiu-Jitsu

Kiko Velozo

Robson Gracie 

2006 Update (Sergio Bolão Souza, Oswaldo Alves, Ricardo de le Riva, Alan Moraes, Rosado, Fredson Paixão, Darrell Gholar)

2007 Update (Sergio Bolão Souza, Marcelo Cazuza, Paulo Mauricio Strauch, Ricerdo Vieira, Kazulu Clube de Lutas)

2008 Update Bolão, Cazuza, Fightzone, etc.

© 2000-2009, Roberto Pedreira. All rights reserved.

Last revised  December 31, 2008


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