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Panasonic DVCPRO
Catergory Models PAL Description US$
PV series AJ-D250E Digital Video Cassette Recorder $3,052
  AJ-D410AE 1/2" FIT 3CCD Camcorder $5,378
  AJ-D455E Editing VTR $5,087
  AJ-D610WBE 2/3" IT 3CCD Camcorder $9,811
  AJ-D850B Studio VTR $11,483
  AJ-LT85E Laptop Editor $17,805
DCVPRO 50 AJ-D90 DVCPRO50 Dockable VTR $7,122
  AJ-D910WB 2/3" IT 3CCD Camcorder  
  AJ-D940 Digital Video Cassette Player  
  AJ-D94 DVCPRO50 Office Viewer $18,895
  AJ-D950 Studio VTR $18,895
  AJ-D95DCE Digital Video Cassette Recorder $7,267
  AJ-D960 Digital Video Cassette Recorder  
  AJ-LT95 DVCPRO50 Laptop Editor $31,977
Controller AG-A250 Editing Controller $545
  AG-A350 Editing Controller $632
  AG-A850 Editing Controller $1,526
S-VHS AG-8700E Editing VTR $2,398
  AG-7350-E VTR $1,661
  AG-MD835E Medical VTR  
Time Lapse AG-6040E VHS TL VTR $850
VCR AG-6730E S-VHS TL VTR $1,163
  AG-TL350E TL Video Cassette Recorder $291
  AG-TL550E 168-hour TL VTR $436
  AG-TL750E S-VHS TL VTR $603
  AG-W3E VCR $1,235
DV AG-DV2700E Digital DV cassette tape recorder $1,853
  AG-DVC200E DV Camera / Recorder $3,706
  AG-DVC200E+AJVF5   $4,433
  AG-DVC200E+AJVF10   $4,477
  AG-SW100   $945
  WJ-MX50A Production Mixer $2,910
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