Anything For You
(No te olvidare)

Come Rain Or Come Shine
(Duet with Frank Sinatra)

Don't Let This Moment End
(Ballad version)

El Ruisenor
(Sung acapella)

Go Marlins
(Parody of Higher)
Live By Reuest
("Maria" from England)

Here We Are/Because You Loved Me
(Live with Celine Dion)

(Live with Celine Dion)

National Anthem
(Performing the American Anthem)

(From West Side Story)
(Parody on Cuban Food)

Gonna Eat For Christmas
(Duet with Rosie O'Donnell)

Hot Summer Nights
(From Top Gun)

In The Moonlight
(Live performance)

Live By Request
(Whoopi Goldberg guest caller)
Anything For Food
(Live: The Magic Hour)

Cooking Tostones
(On the Rosie O'Donnell Show
En el Jardin
(Duet with Alejondro Fernandez)

An Interview
(With Rick)
Theme Song
(Rosie O'Donnell theme song with Glo)

Live Parody
(On the Rosie O'Donnell Show)
All Downloads are from Gloria Estefan Clips. Please visit Gloria_nl's site for more GREAT downloads with our DIVA Gloria.
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