-"You're where you are because of them. Maybe there's somebody standing there who made a very big effort to come to your show. Maybe this is their only opportunity to be this close to you."

-"I wore chaps in the video for the single '1, 2, 3,' and do you know what one of my nightmares is? That I'll grow old and senile and wear those particular chaps in my house with long, curly, grey hair with my butt down to my ankles. People do strange things when they get old. Can you imagine, I put them on and start yelling:   'I'm the Conga Queen!' What a nightmare."

-"If I had one thing I wanted people to say about me, what would it be? Hmmm.... probably, "She's so tall, oh my gosh she's so tall!"
-"Okay, so you take them out with thongs of course, NOT THONGS TONGS!"

-"When I began singing 'Conga' and athletes from all over the world busted out of formation to dance with me I thought: 'Wow, what great choreography!' I thought it was planned, but then the tower started to shake and I thought: 'Great, first the bus, then the boat, now the tower."

-"I'm not sure if you are all aware of the recent lacko-diva-hoot law involving a magazine that shall remain nameless, but I'm sure PEOPLE will figure it out!"

-"Yes folks the unthinkable has happened. I have been de-divaed! I have been divided from my diva brat pack. There I am. See that, recognize me there folks? There I am, see that pinky, that's me."

-"...and whatever it is your heart desires please go for it, it's yours to have."

-"How do you pick up Gloria Estefan?... With a MAGNET!"

-"I've learned that you can't wait time worrying about things. That's the bottom line. I mean, you get PMS. You're human. But remind yourself what's really important. There are people in wheelchairs. How can you worry about whatever?"

-"I feel Cuban-American. I have the best of both worlds. I have a Cuban heart and a American head. It's a good balance."

-"You never know what life has in store for you, but I believe that there are certain things one is meant to go through."

-"If you leave your kids a legacy of love, they will share that love with other people and that's what sticks around."

-"A lot of life has gone through me. I like people who look lived in. I'll be happy just to grow old gracefully."
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