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God Bless the USA

Ohh Canada!..

GLORY is a non-profit group of individuals who play a PC Game called Rainbow Six.

The game was created after the book by author Tom Clancy with the same title. The book centers around an international team centered in London who combat terrorism. Before we start we want to point out the obvious..

THIS IS A GAME, and there is no correlation between this and real life. (Okay we said it!)

The goal of this site is to inform players about online gaming for this game and facilitate a corroboration of members who could compete against other teams in the online arena.

We invite your comments.

Thanks for stopping by!

Keith Inglin

Shrimp getting ready to go race Shrimps other hobby!

Shrimp competes at the Hamlin Speedway in Hamlin PA (about and hour and a half from where we live).

The car here is known as a slingshot. It is a scaled dirt modified with a 25hp engine that runs on methyl alcohol. With the alcohol the motor is boosted to around 35-40hp!

Click on the photo to see a few full size pixs.