From Tsukuba's peak
Falling waters have become
Mina's still, full flow:
So my love has grown to be
Like the river's quiet deeps.

       -- The Emperor Yozei
Is there any way
Except by a messenger
to send these words to you?
If I could, I'd come to you
To say goodbye forever.

      --Fujiwara no Michimasa
Like the guard's fires
Kept at the imperial gateway--
Burning through the night,
Dull in ashes
during the day--
Is the love aglow in me.

      --Onakatomi no Yoshinobu

In my cold bed,
Drawing close my
                 folded quilt,
I sleep alone.
While all through
              the frosty night
I hear
   a cricket's lonely sound.

  -- Fujiwara noYoshitsune

When I take the path

To Tago's coast, I see

Perfect whiteness laid

On Mount Fuji's lofty peak

By the drift of falling snow.

        --Yamabe no Akahito
Strongly recommend you hit your "F11" key for "full screen view."  Unless you like to see half of the pictures.  Hitting F11 a second time restores normal view.

Models are Yuuka, top photo, Noriko Sakai, bottom photo.  Model in tiger bikini is Noriko Aota, identified by Kazz.  Third from top, I'm told, is Mihoko Sunouchi.

Poetry is from the
Ogura Hyakunin Isshu, a book of Japanese traditional poetry going back to the 13th century.  The poetry is available on the University of Virginia website.    A Japanese friend has shown me that a site exists matching a Japanese painting to each poem, to be found at http://homepage1.nifty.com/kasen-e/e_index.htm

Sound track is called "Sukiyaki."  Sequenced after the Japanese original.

The photos were found out on the web on various "collections" sites.  None of these sites claimed the material was copyrighted.  Models are often not even named.  If there's been some sort of mix-up and any photo is proprietary, I will take it down.  Write to
EMAIL.   BTW, new comments posted on "News N' Views" page on 12/24/00.

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