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Cha Lin
Who is Cha Lin?

Not sure anyone knows.  She has been floating around the web for a while. Some of her first modeling pictures to appear on the web date from '97.  I have only found photos from two photo shoots.  The first shoot is represented by about 25 photos in lingerie--  scanned by the great Bluebird.  There's another shoot that appears to show the same model when quite a bit younger.  I'm guessing she's the same person.  I show one photo from that shoot.   These few pictures are on MANY sites, indicating people really are fascinated with her.   There is no claim of copyright.

Why should anyone care about this Chinese model?   Well, she is about the ultimate in lush, sensual beauty.  Her eyes just about
smoke.   She appears to have more than a touch of Mongolian in her Chinese ethnicity. 

One photo above shows a young woman identified as
Carlie who is either a younger Cha Lin or a look-alike.

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