Young Beauty, Old Gods--

History is full of tales

of young beauties, and the old gods--

Incas sacrificed girls as beautiful as these

to their Idols of the ancient stone--

Warm blood spilled on the granite altars.
Beauty and the Cold Stone--

A young woman's beauty smokes in

chill mountain air of the high Andes.

Her beauty promises love, delights.

. . . but altar fires are waiting--

The priest lifts his obsidian knife--

A great harpie eagle, an atavar of

the old Gods, wheels overhead--

The shadow of his wings

falls across the blood-soaked stone.
Lips that would kiss   Form prayers to broken stone.  -- T.S. Eliot

This page is just trying to create some dramatic effects--  I really do
not like to think about ancient human sacrifice in the Andes or elsewhere. Hope you enjoyed the page with the "collage" effects and the contrast of cold stone and warm women. 

Temples shown include Khajuraho in India, and Angkor Wat in Cambodia. There's a little original poetry of a "throw away" nature.  I was looking for some poetry by Pablo Neruda, the great Chilean poet, but could not find it, so I imitated it.  Models, from top, are "Unknown, " "Mirage" (Thanks to Sophie's posting), Cori Nadine (thanks to Huy Tran), and Hanai Kayama, found on various Far East websites.

None of the models were found on a page that claimed copyright.  I can only assume copyright is not claimed on these particular shots.  If there's something wrong, contact me at

The music is by a Brazilian group, Legiao Urbana.  Called "Sera."   The exodic rhythms, which are African in origin, just seemed "right" somehow.

Thanks for letting me "be creative" this time--    
-- the Glyptodont
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