Some of these models look so good . . . there's just no words to say.  Thai, Japanese, White,  Latin,  Black . . .  They just look terrific, and they defy comparison.

A fire in every act and look and word.
Between man and wife, a fire.
In food eaten after much waiting, a fire.
In the loss of gain, a fire.
And in the infatuation of coupling, a fire.
You have given us five fires, O Ramanatha,
and filled our mouths with dirt.

Davara Dasimayya

She is a collector of men's souls--

As accurate as a tax-gatherer with his lariat
On the hunt for some poor farmer's cattle.

She fixed me with her eye,
Intoxicated me with her perfume,
Finally lassoed me with her long dark hair--

And now she has branded me
With her branding-iron of fire.

-- Turin Papyrus & Other Sources

She is an oasis in the desert of my heart;
A resting place where my deepest thought
       may receive nourishment
Oh, she waters my soul like the Nile
She makes my heart a fertile valley
For I do all things as I would do for her.

-- Ancient Egyptian Love Poem
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Here are a few models photos mixed with some ancient poetry.  One poetry selection is from the Tantric Hindu tradition.  A couple of others are from ancient Egyptian love poetry. The poetry goes to show that "there is nothing new under the sun."   It is highly questionable if we have progressed at all from the culture of ancient times.   One has only to read the newspapers to discover that barbarity to one's fellow man is more the rule than the exception..  The poetry was found here or there at a variety of sites on the WWW.  Since only very short excerpts or quotations are posted here, I am not sure there is a problem with copyright.

The model at the top is Sawatdee Ka, a Thai model.   The fourth model  was from a different location and no model name was stated.  Second model in blue suit is Eiko Koike.  Third model was only identified as "Minami."

I have always avoided taking photos from sites with a stated copyright on the site's material, and I also avoid using photos that have any copyright ownership overprint on the picture.   Some of these photos came from newsgroups or "e-groups" posted by various amateurs who claimed no copyright.  If there's any problem, contact me at

The sound track for the page is "My First Love" performed originally by Ms. Takako Uehara.  To visit my Takako Uehara page, go to
www.oocities.com/glyptodont_99/Takako2.html .

Hope everyone enjoys this month's models.                                        -- the Glyptodont
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