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Welcome to Geo's Eleuthera Home Page. Greetings from Tarpum Bay, Eleuthera. I hope you find some interesting activity here. I'll try to keep it nice and interesting for you. Theres a lot going on on the island of Eleuthera and your invited to join in. I hope to communicate with you about my content and services so don't be afraid to contact me. Eleuthera is such a beautiful place and I'd like to do my part in sharing it with you. I love writing and telling stories, communicating and being a part of the larger world out there, so lets go!!!
News-Tarpum Bay: Tarpum Bay today.
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Rentals  and Beach front Property for sale
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Island Stories and Poetry.
Below are some links that will take you to more of the Splendor of Eleuthera and Geo Bahama, thats me.
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If theres something on Eleuthera you'd like to see here, let me know...The following are Free services which I can provide for any of you on the Island of Eleuthera:   Arrange Personally any Accomadations at any of the many wonderful Beach and Vacation Cottages or Hotels on the island, including special rates. . Arrange Transportation To and from the Airports or A Rental Car for the duration of your stay.  Purchase and Ship Local Art from the many Uniquely talented Artists friends on the Island of Eleuthera. Purchase and ship many of the Sea Shell Species unique to the Island of Eleuthera for interested collectors.  Provide information and photographic documentation on your Real Estate or investment  interests here on the Island of Eleuthera.  Provide a free contact to any destination on our wonderful Island Free Services